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At Fat Cat Rescue Every Cat Counts!

Our Mission
Fat Cat Rescue, Inc. is dedicated to reducing the feral
and stray cat population by partnering with
TNR (trap-neuter-return) programs and finding homes
for adoptable cats and kittens.

Our Story begins on a cold winter night in 2009...  

     Toots Larsen, co-founder of Fat Cat, heard one of the stray cats (Goldie) howling like she had never heard before.  So she went out to investigate, but found nothing and went back inside. Goldie was not about to give up and continued to wail!  Toots went back outside and found an emaciated cat (Georgie Porgie) stiff as a statue nearly frozen to the side of a house.  Toots put Georgie inside her jacket and rushed him to the vet.  Georgie was full grown, but weighed less than four pounds.  The vet didn't think he would make it, but he survived...and so began Fat Cat Rescue. Both Goldie and Georgie Porgie inspired Toots and her daughter, Kaye Larsen to save, love and advocate for the homeless cats of Lake County. 



bday 28.jpg
Georgie & Goldie
Toots & Kaye Larsen
In 2012, Fat Cat Rescue, Inc. became a 501(c)(3) licensed, non-profit charity. The impact the Larsens and the Fat Cat Volunteers has had on the homeless cat population in Lake County is incredible, over 12,000 cats spayed/neutered
...Please join us in our life saving journey and become part of the next chapter
of Fat Cat Rescue.

2019 Shelter Statistics

DATA FOR JANUARY 2019 - DEC 2019-1 (2).j
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