Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Please Help Ross! Emergency Donations Needed

UPDATED: Please Help Ross! Emergency Funds Needed! 

This loving and affectionate 6 year old cat is in extreme pain. He has abscesses in both jaws which has his head swollen to twice it's normal size, and is in desperate need of dental work. He is suffering from Upper Respiratory Infection has his eyes swollen shut. If that wasn't enough, he has Ear Mites so bad that he has shredded his ears and the top of his head from scratching. Please donate to help Ross receive the Medical care he needs.

Thanks to your love, support, and donations Ross is doing a lot better. The swelling and pain have lessened significantly. Now Ross can open his eyes and enjoys much affection from his caretaker. 

Ross is not out of the woods yet, however! 

We are still in need of donations to continue providing Ross with the excellent medical care he deserves. Please consider Donating Now